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I thought I would get this post in now, considering my little Christmas/being ill break is over and its back to getting two assignments done for Uni for next week. What does that mean - for the second year running I'll be doing Uni work on my Birthday which I'm not happy about, however having your birthday right after Christmas does have its advantages... you get get your birthday presents in the sale so you can get twice the amount for your money haha. Since getting the house my priorities over the last few weeks have rapidly changed when it comes to buying things and I've decided that come 1st Jan I'm on a beauty buying ban (apart from essentials ie deodrant, cotton wool and birthday presents of the beauty variety haha).

Anyway one item which I've been wanting for ages and ages is the Real Techniques Sam's Pick Collection, which I regret ordering from Feel Unique on Christmas Day as its now sold out. Like every blogger out there RT brushes are the best and I'd be lost without them. Next up is some snazzy new trainers as I'm going back on the gym and health kick and I think one way to motivate me to get to the gym is some fabulous footwear. Shoes make everything better right?? And I definitely think these New Balance bad boys will do the trick when I'm strutting my stuff on the treadmill.

You may have spotted in my Instagram post (link) that I've bought myself a new laptop for Christmas thanks to my Solicitor's bill being way less than expected. The one I got isn't fancy but at £269 down from £360 it was an offer I didn't want to pass up on. Now as I like to break things, I think I need to buy a laptop case asap and I'm in love with this leather envelope case from Not on the High Street. I saw this jacket in All Saints last week and its a beauty in the flesh, however I can't justify the £250 price tag (and that's in the sale too).

Finally a more practical want, I'm really wanting to try a Diptyque candle however I don't want to splash out £40 on a candle and then realise I don't like the scent. However you can now buy £20 smaller candles which is a slightly expensive way of seeing which candles you like before buying a larger one. Are any of you like me, having your birthday at the beginning of January??