Revlon Nutri Color Creme 411 Brown - £6.95 Ebay

I am having serious red hair withdrawal at the moment - to the extent when I'm debating whether to go back red. However as I'm typing this I'm also debating whether to go lighter brown. Anyway I've sworn by Revlon Nutri Color Creme to keep my red hair red and I've recently been using their brown Color Creme to see if it would prevent the red from coming through my hair. If you're not familiar with the Revlon Nutri Color range I would say this is more of a conditioning toner which does a brilliant job of putting colour back in your hair without causing further damage.
How this works is simple - you wash your hair with shampoo, rinse and then towel dry and then apply this to your hair for 3 minutes exactly, rinse and dry. Jobs a good un. Now a word of warning with this brown toner (this doesn't happen with mahogany or pillar box red) this stains your hands. Simple way to combat this is rub some whitening toothpaste on your hands, leave for a minute and rinse. Trust me this works. Normally I buy the pump bottle of these however I decided to buy this tube to test the brown out before committing to buying the pump (definately recommend doing it this way) and 411 brown is ideal for more mid to dark brown hair not light.
Due to the colour build up of ash brown and then dark chocolate brown I feel like my hair is starting to verge onto looking black and its washing my pale complexion out. So I'm debating whether to go back to near enough au naturel and go lighter brown, therefore I'm only using this as and when needed. Also I normally only start using this about three weeks after colouring and only once a week - however if you want more colour in your hair I would definately suggest using it every other time you wash your hair.