You'd be pleased to know after this I have one more in draft and then there's November/December's empties to write up and bish bash bosh its onto the Monthly Empties posts. I'll crack on, grab a beverage if you wish...

Santex Deodrant - to keep undesireable men away from me.

Lush Snow Fairy - the most wonderful time of year is when Lush release this. This is whats left of my stash from last years Boxing Day sales rampage. I'll always repurchase this.. ALWAYS. Review here.

John Frieda Beautiful Brunette Shampoo/Conditioner - I'll continue to use this alongside Leo Bancroft shampoo/conditioner as specific brown products. As long as I have my brown hair I'll repurchase these minitures.

Tanning Mits (x2) - again this needs to come with a warning - these are unwashed, I don't apply tan when it looks like that. I think both of these are from Lauren's way - they do the job, good even tan with no streaks. Happily repurchase and recommend.

John Paul Gaultier Classique - this used to be my first "going out" scent and I loved how grown up I felt wearing it haha. I've still got a small bottle of this left, so for the immediate future, I won't be repurchasing.

Lush Bubblegum Lip Scrub – Even though this smells like Snow Fairy, I’m really not keen on this. I don’t know what it is but I just don’t like it. It does work in removing all dry skin on my lips, however I just don’t like it. I won’t be repurchasing.

Seche Vite Top Coat – Amazing, after I finally realised how to use it. Put this straight over your nails when they’re wet/tacky and they dry instantly. I’d read reviews which said that this goes gloopy after a while and this is the case. However I stupidly decided to put some nail polish remover in it – hence the white colour. I always get mine from ebay as it’s much cheaper. Already repurchased.

Guerlain La Petite Robe Noire* - A little sample which hasn’t half lasted the distance. It’s a good perfume for work, but I wouldn’t wear it for nights out. I won’t be repurchasing a full size bottle of this. Review here.

Clarins Toning Lotion with Camomile – this has been one of those toners which have lasted me a good 6-7 months, probably due to the fact that I’ve decanted it into a ickle bottles spray bottle. I’m actually not keen on the Camomile scent, however scent aside this is a really good toner. I wouldn’t repurchase this, as I’d rather try something else.

Solaresse Maximizer Deep Tan Booster - I bought this in an attempt to boost my sunbed tan ready for Zante, however it didn't work. Wouldn't be repurchasing.

Vaseline Tub - I don't know if its just me but I can't have Vaseline on my lips. I don't like the slimy feeling of it, so instead I use this around my nose when I have a runny nose. It prevents redness/dry skin, so its always going to be a winner with me. Already repurchased.

2013 Total - 139

* PR Sample