Please believe me when I say that I'm getting there with these posts - I think after this there is one more to post and then whatever I've used up in December and its over to monthly posts. I for one can't wait.

Make Up Wipes (x3) - all of which you can find in Home Bargains. I've always continue to buy the Spa wipes as I don't think any wipe I've used comes close to this. I know everyone thinks using make up wipes is a cardinal sin, however we all do it, its just one of those things. Personally I wouldn't repurchase the Clear Beauty ones, however I'd definitely purchase the Spa ones and probably the Tea Tree ones.

Random Aveeno Skin Relief Lotion sample - mehhhhh is all what I can really say about that. Wouldn't repurchase a fill size bottle of this.

Murad Pomegranate Exfoliating Mask* - I've already reviewed these (link) and even though its a product I've enjoyed using. I don't think I'd repurchase (even though my local M&S stocks this). Upon reflection I just don't think its worth the price to be used as a normal exfoliator.

Madonna Truth or Dare Perfume* - Since my initial review on this, I've really gone off this fragrance, the prime reason being due to the fact that it really catches the back of my throat and makes me feel like I've got a dry/tickly throat. I won't repurchase a full sized bottle of this, even though this sample lasted ages. Review here.

OPI Matte Nail Envy - a product which I've tried to love, yet doesn't work on my nails. I've since undergone three rounds of the Renunail program and I have to admit that has worked wonders on my nails. I know many beauty bloggers swear by this, however its not for me. I won't repurchase.

Random Chanel Foundation Samples (x2) - can't remember which samples these were of. Bad blogger I know, but hey shit happens.

Random Eye Lash Conditioner - I received this in a Glossybox ages and ages ago, and I'm gutted I can't remember what the name of this was. This product was amazing and really conditioned my lashes. If I knew what it was called I would probably repurchase.

Paul Mitchell Color Protect Daily Shampoo* - To me Paul Mitchell is a salon brand and I always have high hopes with his products - again this doesn't fail. Believe it or not I've still got the bottle of conditioner left of this, which I use to condition my hair extensions. I'd happily repurchase if I wanted to treat myself. Review here.

Lush Snow Fairy - its pink, it smells like sweets, arghhhh I just love the stuff. Everybody loves Snow Fairy. Would I repurchase?? Hell to the yeah.

Fake Tan Mitt and Razor - I don't think I really need to go into detail about these do I? Both are essentials which have been repurchased.

2013 Total - 153

* PR Sample