Soap and Glory Peaches and Clean - £8 Boots (link)

Did you manage to get your hands on Boots Gift of the Week?? All my local stores have sold out, however after getting the set last year I've decided to give it a miss. For me the star product of the set has to be Peaches and Clean which can be used on any skin type. As the name suggests the scent of this is peach, however its also quite minty, but still overall it reminds me of Archers. On a side note I think I must have sickened myself off with Archers from back in the day as I won't touch it nowadays.

I don't normally use this to take my make up off however it does do a bloody good job of removing all leftover bits of make up (mainly mascara). This doesn't dry my skin, nor does the scent transfer onto the skin. Personally I alternate this and another cleanser as I find I get better results. There is a negative with the product, quite a bit of the product is left in the bottom and you can't get it out with the pump. Bit of a waste if I'm honest with you, however putting that aside its a brilliant product which I will be picking up once I've gotten through my 1001 cleansers. Yet again another winner from Soap and Glory.