Treaclemoon Candy Bar Marshmallow Hearts Bath and Shower Gel - £2.99 Tesco (link)

One way to get into the Christmas spirit is bubble baths - seriously I can't get enough. I'm already a massive fan of Treaclemoon products (see here and here) and after reading Louise's review on the Toffee Bon Bon and Sweet Lime Sherbet Bath and Shower Gels (post here) I wanted to pick a few of these up while they were on offer for £1.99 in my local Tesco. Now for some reason I only ended up picking the Marshmallow Hearts one - purely cause I couldn't make my mind up which other ones I wanted. 

I was expecting this to smell sickly sweet, however all what you get and I don't really know how to explain this, but its a "sweet" smell. It smells like sugar. Now I know I'm no good with describing scents and honestly the only way I can describe it as "sweet sugar". I've been using this as a bubble bath and a teeny bit goes a long way, however I am known to be a bit heavy handed when putting this in the bath - cue bubble overload. As soon as I use this up, I'll be repurchasing another - however I could be swayed into trying another scent from the range. If you already use Treacle Moon, let me know which scent I should get next.