Victoria's Secret Mango Temptation Fragrance Mist - £11 approx

Oh Victoria's Secrets why do you have to be far more expensive in the UK than the US? While in London for IMATS in June, mine and Tor's first port of call and mainly the reason we went to Westfields was to go to Victoria's Secrets. Is the shop worth the hype? I don't know however I think we were both shocked by the price of a single bra (£40+) when I'd been warned by Michelle that the prices are practically half in America. To be honest neither of us were interested in any of the clothing in the store, it was straight over to the beauty section.
When Michelle had been to Miami for her holidays she stocked up on quite a few of their Fragrance Mists and on more than one occasion at work I'd be pinching whichever one she had in her bag. Prior to IMATS I was debating whether to buy the perfume itself but Michelle suggested that the Fragrance Mists are better value for money and last just as long as the perfume. Bearing that in mind near enough £11 for a glorified body spray is quite expensive. Although it does smell bloody gorgeous and lasts most of the day on your skin so you do get your moneys worth.
The clue is in the name of what the mist smells of mango and lots of it. I was tempted by the Coconut one however I decided on just the one. When in Leeds the other week for the FABB Halo Hair event I noticed that a store has just opened in Trinity Leeds. If you are looking for a treat - definately recommend, however if you're not that fussed maybe pass on it (or get someone else to buy it for you).