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There are two main things in life I love... control and being organised. I like to be in control of everything I do and start to become very jitty (or as Judith calls it twitchy arse syndrome) if things happen outside of my control. The I love being organised - lists and spreadsheets make me VERY happy, when it comes to FABB Tor isn't allowed to touch the spreadsheets - she gets read only copies. Anyway I don't want to do any New Years resolutions apart from being happy and go to the gym at least once a week (last year this lasted until June, excluding getting my tonsils out).

Even though I blogged near enough consistently over the last year, illness (and stress) from September onwards made blogging feel like a chore. I wanted to blog, but I couldn't be bothered, I had ideas, couldn't be bothered to follow them up. However 2014 all this is going to change and I thought I would make a few blogging goals to achieve over the next 12 months.

Improve my photography - I've recently bought a Nikon DLSR and I'm still none the wiser on how to use it (see above photo for proof). I've bought a dummies manual from Amazon and once I've gotten all these assignments finished for uni I want to sit and learn how to use this camera properly and be more creative with the photos you see on here. 

Plan ahead - I think planning and being aware of whats going on around me is going to be vital for scheduling blog posts and keeping an idea of when my bills will be leaving my bank account. I've bought some new stationary (and a moleskin - such a stationary geek) and I will be making notes of everything - blog ideas, things to do, people to email, shopping lists etc.

Be more involved - I want to get involved more on Twitter - I have a twitter account which I use but I don't feel like I communicate much with the blogging community on there. I'm going to start getting involved with #bbloggers chats and be more involved with FABB Twitter. Also I want to speak more to bloggers at FABB events - I'm actually quite shy and FABB gets me very very nervous, however this will be changing.

Continue to do what I love doing - and that is blog. I know people say blogging is changing and you need to do x, y and z to stay up with the changing times. Really? Balls to that - you blog cause you love doing it, you get your readers from being YOURSELF, therefore why do you want to change something just to be the same as everyone else?? Balls to that, blog what you want to blog, how you want to blog.

Spending ban - its not really a blog aim, but I'm not on a beauty spending ban for the immediate future and I'm using this opportunity to really shop my stash (urgh I hate that phrase) and rediscover some old favourites. I'm getting some new storage in the house which calls for one thing and one thing only - a massive sort out. Hopefully this will also give me some new ideas for blog posts.

So that's it really, 2014 seems like its going to be another busy busy year!!