Considering last year I was a right gym bunny, since October I've been quite lax when it comes to going to the gym - being ill, uni work, and general laziness have been my excuses. However one of my goals for this year is the same as last - going to the gym at least once a week. I'm back on the protein shakes, eating more healthy and hopefully I can get shift some of this post Christmas timber (by this I mean - assignment stress - pass me the junk).

Today I'd thought I'd share with you my gym essentials - I've actually done my first bit of photoshop on these photos today to attempt to brighten them up (cheers crappy weather). Now I admit there is a bit of a fail on these photos - I've forgotten to include deodorant ah well. First up is clothing - normally you'll see me in some sort of leggings and two (yes two) vests - one tight, one baggy. Normally I buy my leggings from Sports Direct as I find Adidas leggings way cheaper than from their outlet stores, or I'll wear some baggy hareem pants from New Look - just depends on how I feel. As for tops I normally wear Topshop's £9 vests and then wear a sports vest over the top - I know two tops seem a bit extreme however I find that after a workout (even in summer) I go really cold afterwards even if I'm sweating loads. This is purely for extra warmth. I prefer oversized Nike vests as they fit me better - normally i'll get these vests in Large or Extra Large so they're really baggy. 

Other bits and bobs include a water bottle - obviously its important to keep hydrated while you exercise. Personally I don't believe in all those sports drinks, I'd rather have water. Music is very important while I work out and I deliberately use an iPod over my iPhone as I don't want to be distracted. The faster and louder the music the better, I also have a couch to 5k app on my iPod for when I'm on the treadmill. I also take my kindle to read while I'm on the cross trainer - I find that my kindle covers the screen and its something for me to be focused on and before you know it 30mins and 750 (thats always my goal) calories has gone. Halo wipes are always kept in my bag (review here) as well as deodorant and make up wipes.

Lastly is my trainers - just admire the beauty of these leopard print bad boys.... as soon as I'd seen these I knew I had to buy them. Considering these were the last in stock and in my size, it was a sign from the leopard print gods that I had to have them. Ironically they normally get worn at Friday night Metafit (leopard print Friday) and they have to be the most comfortable Nike trainers I own. On a side note I don't know how people can post gym selfies - I honestly look an absolute state.