Bumble and Bumble Thickening Hairspray - £7

Don’t let the name trick you into a false sense of security, I initially thought this was hairspray. Back in September I grabbed Elle in the airport and noticed that this was free (excellent value considering it retails for £7), left in it my bag, then put it away when I came home. I’ve noticed on a few get ready with me YouTube videos people have been using this to prep their hair and the results have been quite amazing. Resulting in me digging this out.

I’ve mentioned this before, my hair is quite fine, but there is an awful lot of it and even though I can get volume in it from backcombing and using my Tresemme powder (review here). However I don’t like to backcomb much as I feel like it damages my hair and the powder makes my hair feel matted. After washing my hair I spray this on the roots and style as normal, this does provide some volume, however I feel like it doesn’t last for very long. However if I leave my hair to dry naturally – hello big hair, which lasts for a good couple of days. I find that if I use too much product it weighs my hair down, however I’ve found that five sprays around the root area is the perfect amount for me.

What sets this product apart from other thickening sprays/lotions is the fact that it’s weightless – as long as you use the right amount in your hair you’re none the wiser that you have product in your hair. Personally I would recommend trying the small travel sized version which I have first to make sure you like the product before splashing out £21 for the full sized version. It’s worth noting that I haven’t tried to use this as a hairspray, just as a spray to prep the hair. Finally which may be the selling point for many of you is the fact that a little goes a long way – I’ve been using this now for little over a month and I’ve hardly made a dent into the bottle – definitely excellent value for money.