Footner Exfoliating Socks* - £14.99 Boots (link

Now I feel like todays post needs to come with a bit of a warning as myself included don’t like feet – I’m not going to be posting pictures of my feet, I will purely link to the relevant pictures online and it’s up to you as to whether you want to click on them. Footner is a brand which until they kindly sponsored FABB Manchester was unknown to me, however since then this product has divided my table at work. One half of the table myself included love the product, while the other side if you mention the F word they start to gag.

I’ve used two Footner treatments now and I feel in a better position to review the product rather than immediately after the first round. I know feet is a very touchy subject for many people and the thought of going to a salon for a pedicure sends people into a panic (me included), Footner Exfoliating Socks however is the laziest pedicure going – all what you need to do is put your feet into the socks, leave for an hour and then rinse. I find that walking about and putting your feet on the floor helps move the gel over your feet. Before using the socks (once every six months is recommended) remove any last trace of polish off your toes and I make sure I use this when I’m not using fake tan.

The socks activate your skin’s own natural peeling effect which allows the upper layer of the skin to peel off, leaving your feet silky smooth. I have to admit this product is AMAZING – I initially used this on the Saturday and by the Tuesday night I had noticed a couple of small blisters on my toes. As I’d been on my feet all day at work I thought that this wasn’t anything unordinary (completely forgetting about the treatment).

*this is where it’s going to get a bit rank*

On the Wednesday while walking to the car in ballet pumps (with no socks) it felt – there’s no other way to describe this than that feeling when you’re wearing old shoes. However these were new (ish) shoes and that feeling was… (I apologise for this) lumps of skin. If you want an idea of how my feet looked click here (IF YOU DO NOT LIKE FEET DO NOT CLICK ON THE LINK). Footner advise not to pick at the skin however you know what happened next don’t you. The peeling stage lasted 3-4 days, however a certain someone whose name will remain a secret picked hers off within a day. As daft as it sounds, you’ll be amazed at how much skin comes off and the condition your feet end up in – it’s worth going through this for that.

The second treatment of this happened a few weeks ago and knowing what to expect from the first time I was prepared to lose half the skin off my feet (slight exaggeration there). However what was different was the length of time it took my feet to peel – 10 days after the application. Also there was no extreme peeling, hardly no skin came off – which either shows how bad my feet was last time or shows how much better condition my feet are in since initially using it.

Some may argue that this is on the pricey side, however considering how much you would pay for a pedicure the price is totally worth it. Also considering how I’ve converted my work colleagues to this it’s a testament to how good the product is. Roll on the summer so I can do it again.

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