GHD Straight and Tame Cream* - £14.95 (link)

Hair - one word - stubborn. My hair is a pain in the backside - the front of my hair is always frizzy, the ends are fly away, then it comes to nights out and that's a whole new kettle of fish. My hair normally lasts until a camera comes out, then it goes frizzy. Or if I'm having the ultimate hair night, it'll be either raining or there'll be a gust of wind and that's my hair a mess for the night. Typical.

Naturally my hair is fine, but I have a lot of it - if it dries naturally its curly and frizzy, if I blow dry it I normally need to straighten it. Over the last few weeks while I've been off work I've been trying out GHD's Straight and Tame Cream which aims to help tame unruly/curly hair quickly and easily. As with all GHD products the packaging screams high end salon quality. The product is dispensed via a pump so you can control how much product you use. I've found that the pump doesn't dispense that much product out, hence GHD advising that you use 5-6 pumps on your hair.

Personally I've found that 5-6 pumps is way too much product for my hair and I normally only use two pumps on the ends of my hair, as I find more product makes my hair greasy and lanky (I find this with all products not just this - FYI). As its the midst of winter and lighting isn't that great - I've had to share a loo selfie (as you do) which shows how my hair is with the product in. So in the above picture I've dried my hair as usual and only straightened the front sections. I've just realised the look of concentration on my face, oh the shame.