I don't know whether I should have called this, the good, the bad, and the bloody leaking front door. So as you will already know by now I've got the keys. However with all new builds, the builders are in a rush to get the houses up to get people in to get their money and as you can see as long as the house is up they don't really care what the inside of the house looks like. Now the day after getting the keys I showed Steph around the house and she commented about the carpet being damp - however we blamed this on the door being stiff. Few days later Michelle comes to the house, wet floor and then realise that the door is leaking - I'm yet to have a dry letter.

Next up to massive scratches on the patio doors, draws not flush, excellent paintwork skills as you can see from the final picture, damp in the downstairs loo (second picture) and then I have another 50 photos in my phone of chips/bad plastering the list goes on really. My personal favourite is dirt on the ceiling - how can dirt get up there. I know I've joked about it many times however lets me realistic here, what is the point in that bloody unit without a door on in the kitchen... (it does make a good light box.. pictures to come in a few weeks). 

Now believe it or not, this "unit" shouldn't even be on the plan apparently - I'm having to pay to get a door put on, yet the manufacturers know nothing about this uni and I even had to send that picture to them to prove that I have this hideous thing in my kitchen. Come on is anyone really going to leave that the way it is?? I've had to go around and make the most pedantic list you have ever seen complete with photos, as considering the amount of money I've paid for this, is it too much to ask for things to be right?? All my bathroom, en-suite and downstairs toilet tiles are being redone this week as they were placed the wrong way round.  Your snagging list will be your new best friend - trust me.

I just want to be in my house now, I honestly thought by the time I got the keys the stress would be over and done with... oh no its just gone up a notch or two. However the next instalment is all about the exciting things about owning a home.... buying stuff!!!