OPI Lincoln Park After Dark - £11.50 ASOS (link)

When it comes to nail polishes I think there is a few colours which instantly receive cult status – Essie Mint Candy Apple is one, then there’s OPI’s Lincoln Park After Dark. A colour which isn’t just cult status with beauty bloggers but also with every other nail polishaholic in the world. I’ve had this in my collection now for quite a few years, yet I haven’t reviewed it on here. You know when you face that awkward conundrum of what colour to do your nails before a night out, and you end up choosing a colour then taking it off as it doesn’t go with the outfit. Step forward Lincoln Park After Dark – the nail polish which literally goes with anything and everything.

This has to be my go to night out nail polish, whether it be on my fingers or on my toes, I will reach for this. I don’t know what makes this polish so special, as really it’s a dark purple/black polish, but it just is. If you wanted a polish to define vampy nails – this is the one for you. Now I’ve had this in my collection for a good 4 years and as you can see by the swatches it’s still going strong. However I’m at the stage now where I’m ready to repurchase another bottle as the formula is starting to go a teeny bit gloopy – however this could also be due to the fact that I’m near enough at the end of the bottle.

I normally don’t use a top coat with this as I think the polish glossy enough without it, however this is prone to chipping without the top coat. This isn’t a problem if you’re using it for a night out, but if you want to wear this for longer I’d recommend a top coat. I know the £11.50 price tag is really expensive, however if you can get this with a discount code even better. Although if anyone knows where I can find this cheaper – let me know.