I don't know if its apparent but on some blog photos recently I've been using my new DSLR (well second hand) and attempting to snap away on automatic mode. I've been wanting to improve my photo taking skills (both for the blog and outside - if that makes sense), so upgrading to  a DSLR seemed the right idea. I managed to get this Nikon D40 from ebay, with the lens for £105 including p+p. Its not the most high end up to date flashy DSLR which many of you will probably have, but for me this is more than enough. Don't get me wrong the majority of my photos are taken with my iPhone 5 camera which does a bloody good job. 

I've also bought this book off Amazon to try and learn how to use the camera properly, so this is going to be my next project once I've finished my uni assignments. I've been playing with potential locations in the new house, and so far the lighting has been really good, much better than the parentals - especially considering its the middle of winter. However if any of you have done any posts on how to use your cameras or can recommend any please can you tweet me (@raywhoisshe) or leave a comment below. The more help the better.