So much for the beauty spending ban... this happened instead, obviously its to decorate the new house... she says through gritted teeth. However I have to admit now that I have enough candles to last pretty much a good year. I may do a post once I actually get all my stuff in the house as I keep finding random candles here there and everywhere. 

Little tip for you if you live near an outlet village which has a Hallmark Card shop you can get Yankee Candles cheaper. I got the Christmas treat jars for myself and Tor for just under £5 - they smell the same as the Christmas Cookie candle (I feel odd writing Christmas in January) and are larger than the small jar for only 20p more (they're half price in the store). All what I've burnt so far is the vanilla lime and I'm glad its gone - really not my cup of tea. I think my favourites have to be the sickly sweet ones, however if you ever see me going to buy a candle, please intervene.