who is she blog, you can't sit with us tee
Tee - ebay (link) // Leather Skirt - Topshop (old) // Heels - take a wild guess // Bag - Chanel XL Jumbo

So this is what I ended up wearing on Mad/Black Eyed Friday - the AQ/AQ dresses got sent back and I ended up wearing this. For some reason I decided to go with the skirt/tee combo as it was more warmer and it's a bit different. Plus it always works well as a deterrent to clampets who try and sit with you. Ignore my ever so happy face on here and the mirror shot - completely forgot to ask Michelle to get a photo when we were out. I actually ended up with my cousins and had a really good night, drinking cocktails and having a laugh. I've also changed hair colour, I've gone from dark chocolate brown (with the help from a bleach bath) to a light chocolate/chesnut brown colour which I'm actually really enjoying. Next up is to get my hair chopped (an inch or so) as its getting far too long now minus the extensions.

Oh I've linked to the seller I bought my tee from - not bad for a fiver eh. Today will mainly be spent handing a uni assignment in, making a welcome return to the gym and then starting the next assignment which is due in on Friday. Then hopefully this weekend I can chill, however I know its going to be ending up with me starting to pack my wardrobe up, before returning to work on Monday. Not looking forward to that after 3 weeks (nearly) off.