Blistex Intensive Moisturiser* and Relief Cream* - both £2.59

You'd have thought that I've moved from one end of the earth to the other by the way my skin has reacted from moving into the new house. Currently I'm sat with a mouth full of usclers and the worlds worst chapped lips. My trusty Chapstick or Nuxe isn't working, however a combination of Blistex Intensive Moisturiser and Relief Cream have started to get my lips back to normal.

If you are a regular reader of the blog you will know how much of a lip balm fiend I am - currently I have about 6 on the go and in my collection (I refuse to use the term stash) I have quite a few Blistex products. First up is the size of these products, yes they are small however you don't need to constantly reapply unlike other lip balms. Both have a medicated scent to them (thumbs up in my books) however you only need the smallest amount if you are using them during the day, as you don't want completely white lips. 

Personally I've found that I use the Intensive Moisturiser during the day, and then the Relief Cream at night (I'm sat with it on as I type this, so that may be a white lie). A word of warning with the Relief Cream - this tingles when applied and at one point I was expecting to wake up with swollen lips. Nothing to worry about though its just the peppermint oil, camphor and lanolin working their magic. Application wise however the Intensive Moisturiser is far easier to apply due to their application, as one false move with the Relief Cream and the tiny tube will dispense quite a lot of product for you. From trying both of these I have to say that the Relief Cream is the stand out product for me after one application my lips were in a much better condition. I'm hoping that by Monday my lips are back to normal. 

Before I forget - in the name of research I haven't used a lip scrub with either of these products. I think a lip scrub would probably quicken up the healing process.

* PR Sample