So as this post goes live I should be unpacking boxes and realising that what I've bought I don't need/don't like any more and what I haven't bought. I think over the last week knowing that today is moving day has been a bit surreal. I think later on when I'm left to it by myself that's when its finally going to sink in. Luckily I've got Steph around the corner, so no doubt she'll probably have a crying me on the phone asking if she will come and stop tonight haha. 

Anyway the purpose of today's house update is for many the most exciting part about buying a house - decorating it. Personally for me its been the most stressful - partly I think this is down to my OCD tendancies  (everything has to match and be perfect) and the fact that after all these years of saving money the contents of my bank balance is rapidly going down. I've been lucky enough to have hit jackpot with the Christmas sales and managed to get my tv, sofa, fridge freezer, toaster, kettle and curtains with quite a large amount of discount.

My advice is to measure everything, my living room carpet is currently covered in masking tape for where my sofa is going to be and where my tv stand is. The thing with buying a house is that it appears that you have lots of space, but in fact you don't. Take my sofa for example - the show homes I've seen have had two two seater couches and I'm getting the one large sofa. Steph has a L shaped couch to make the most of her space in her living room. Also the fabric - luckily Marks and Spencer provide fabric samples which as you can see I've taken advantage of and placed on my carpet to see what it looks like in day light, at night and in different places. Best thing is the sofa colour which I've gone with is none of the samples - its the sofa above.

Why have I chosen that colour when initially I wanted silver/grey, simple a cream couch will allow me who changes her mind a 1001 times a day to paint my living room any colour I want. Also I may have been a tad OCD and ran and gotten my cushions off the shelf and put on the couch to see what it looks like. So for the next month I'm going to be sitting on a sofa bed on my living room - classy I know. I now have the basics (still haven't ordered my bloody microwave and tv stand - must do that after this) which will last me until I can decorate (new builds you have to wait 6-12 months for the house to settle) and then the fun and games begin of colour schemes (downstairs is sorted). 

I've given you a sneaky peak of my new vintage style birdcage tea light candle holder* which I received as part of Matalan's secret Santa from Paula (La Vida Fresa). As I've found an alcove in my en suite (yes I'm completely on the ball with that one) I've decided for the immediate future this is going to be its home. I'll do some better photos once I've actually stamped my mark on it. 

Oh and a quick snag list update - still finding loads of chips and scratches everywhere, however I'm getting a new front door on Tuesday (woohoo) I wonder if it'll rain in like the other one? Next update - providing all snag list stuff is completed I'm going to be talking about the legal issues about my house.