Origins Super Spot Remover
Origins Super Spot Remover - £14 (link)

Sometimes the best things come in small packages and Origins Super Spot Remover is no exception. Considering I now live on a building site and dirt appears in the most random of places, my new hobbies including cleaning and sorting out my bits and bobs (two bedrooms full of clothes and two wardrobes full at the parents). With dust comes one thing, spots - those which like to come to the surface of my skin and those pesky ones which refuse to surface and like to simmer under the skin. In order to combat spots, I only ever reach for one product and that's Origins Super Spot Remover. I used to believe the old wives tale of putting toothpaste on spots to dry it out, however I decided to do this with whitening toothpaste which ended up burning my skin (you read right).

Origins Super Spot Remover comes in a teeny 10ml bottle however regardless how much product you use, this doesn't go down, which completely justifies the price. Normally I dab this onto said spot either with a clean finger or a cotton bud (usually my fingers). This does tingle on the skin, however you know that its working and if you use this over night, normally by the morning the spot is gone, or its removed all redness from it. I know this product has received mixed reviews, however from me its nothing but a positive and I know that once I eventually get through this I would repurchase.