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Its Friday and its payday – two of my favourite combinations, wooohoooo. I know last month I didn’t do a wish list post (and avoided the shops), however as the first month in the house is over and done with and with a trip to Liverpool ready for FABB (two weeks tomorrow), I think some treats are in order. However there’s a but which comes with this… as I’m well and truly back on the exercise bandwagon and starting to do parkrun on a weekend, I’m wanting to buy some more running bits and bobs.

First up is longer leggings and a waterproof jacket – essentials in the North East when it either constantly rains or/and its freezing cold. Normally I pick exercise leggings up from Sports Direct as you find that the prices are much cheaper than Nike or Adidas factory shops. Then I want yet another muscle back Nike vest – ideal for running and ideal for the gym (win win). Finally an essential for me gloves – I always find after exercise I go really cold, normally to the point where I can’t warm up. However these cute Asos gloves will do the job (and I can still use my iPod with them on).

At the moment I’m having a real love in with my trainers – I’m completely obsessed with my leopard print Nikes, however I really want to buy some more to wear during the day and I’m loving the pattern on these snazzyRosheruns. However can you imagine being at the gym with a hangover looking at these – it’d definitely turn your stomach. I’d be interested to know where you get your gym gear from – leave me a comment below and I’ll check it out.