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As everyone is celebrating the big L word today, I thought instead of going down the usual route of showcasing everything red and guides to what to buy your other half, I'm focusing on something I love. And what is that... apart from carbs... bretton stripes. Anything sailor esq and you've got me. However ironically I've never ever been on a cruise, yet if I had the opportunity to go on one I think I would probably be decked head to toe in bretton. Its even starting to creep into my work wear, much to the amusement of my work colleagues. 

Come tomorrow no doubt I'll probably end up wearing a top very similiar to the red striped Topshop number, jeans and converse. However I have been informed that believe it or not (even though its pretty common sense) that being on a cruise doesn't actually feel like a cruise and nor can you tell that you're even on a ship. From what I can gather from friends, family and work colleagues is that cruises are normally saved for special occasions, unless your name is Michelle who uses this as a means of travel without having to actually spend time travelling. If you are ever looking to go on a cruise, either for a special occasion or just for a holiday you can find Fred Olsen cruises from Southampton to take you to lots of exotic and unusual destinations. 

Regardless of what you're doing today, either single or in a relationship, do something YOU love.

* In collaboration with Fred Olsen