Shea Body Mist and Coconut Body Mist - £7.50 each The Body Shop (link and link)

I'll be honest I very rarely go into The Body Shop when I'm shopping, normally I'll pick up one of their body butters to use as a barrier cream for my fake tan and that's about it. However since attending a Body Shop event in Newcastle last year I've been loving these body mists and trying more of the brand. The thought of a body mist from The Body Shop seriously reminds me of White Musk from back in my school days and its something I never think about buying. However as Tor is well and truly obsessed with anything coconut I'd noticed she'd been using this as perfume instead of actually buying the perfume version of these. Why? For the simple reason that the scent of these lasts as long as the perfume version, your get twice the amount of product and its a fraction of the cost - seems logical doesn't it.

As their was 50% at the event, I thought I would use this as an opportunity to try the coconut and then on a whim picked up the shea version. These scents aren't too over powering so if like me you like to bathe in a scent you can, however the shea scent wears off quicker than the coconut. Neither of these scents are artificial smelling and I would recommend these over the other scents in the range. Personally I find the other scents in the range quite artificial and would probably purchase the mango mist to use as a room spray. I can't compare how long it lingers on the skin in comparison to the perfumes as I've never tried them. Personally I would recommend that you buy the body mists and save your money instead of buying the perfume.