Everyone loves a good snoop about don't they, and I thought for today's post I'd share a sneaky insight with you as to what I keep in my basket type thing in my bathroom. Also if you can spot what's missing from this set up you win a prize. Considering I've just moved I've never ever kept any of my beauty products in the bathroom at home - purely due to the fact I don't like people touching or as I see it "contaminating". So having products out on display is a bit of a novelty for me (at the minute, ask me again in a few weeks) and its helping me work my way through products.

I bought both the candle holder and this wicker basket from the shop I detest the most in the world and for those who like interior design will probably love..The Range. Actual hell on earth. As you can see I have quite a few shampoos, hair products, face masks and other bits and bobs. I've realised I don't have my body scrub in here (that's not what's missing by the way), and I have soaps in a little snazzy dish from Matalan. Even though I've got a wide selection of products in this basket, I still find myself getting other bits and bobs to use in the bath instead. Next on the list is to try and sort through all my beauty products, which involves needing to buy the Alex 9 drawer storage unit from Ikea.

What am I missing... conditioner... I don't use it when I use the Redken CAT treatment.. is that a beauty faux pas there?