This post is going to be a bit different from the usual kind of posts you see on here and a one I've been wanting to write up for a good month or so now and yet I keep hitting delete. I read so many posts on how to be organised when it comes to your blog and even though they're brilliant to pick up hints and tips, in reality how beneficial are they? Lets be realistic here, how can you get the balance just right? This is something which has been playing on my mind for quite a bit now and in order to move forward things need to change.

For some reason right from the start and due to where I work, I try to keep many things in my personal life away from the blog. You get snippets of my life, but you don't get the whole picture. I work full time in a demanding job which requires me to work at least 41 hours a week, every week. On top of that I go to uni for 6 hours every Wednesday which I'm grateful that work fund, yet I have to make at least 4 hours extra of work up a week (hence the 41 hours). I'm now in my final weeks with a 10,000 word dissertation to do, another 4000 word assignment, oh and then revise for an exam. Add on top of that the fact that I'm about to go through another restructure, which doesn't help with the whole stress levels. Then I have both this blog and FABB Events to factor into the equation (both of which I bloody love), and then attempt to have some sort of me time/social life. 

Before what seemed to be enjoyable I'll be honest is nothing but a chore, I despise having to sit and write a post on my lunch at work, when I could use that 30 mins to go out. I have so many lists of posts I want to share with you - yet don't have the motivation to write up. Currently in my drafts I have 104 posts which need to be written up - can I be arsed? Nope. Then look at my twitter activity - zilch. The ironic thing in all of this is the fact that I am loving taking blog photos in the new house - the lighting is amazing and I've found some pretty good set ups. I'm using my dslr and loving the fact that I can literally see how my photos are improving, however when it comes to writing the posts up I just don't feel like I'm putting 110% effort in.

Therefore things need to change, I've got a few posts written up which I will post, however I think its time to take a break. I don't know how long it'll be, it might only be a week or so, but for the time being that's me done.