Collection BB Beauty Balm - £5.99 Boots (link)

Put your hands up if you buy products for a particular reason, puts them to one side, completely forgets about them and then finds it months later. I’d be waving my hands like a good un as I am guilty of this. Initially I bought this to use for the first few nights of holiday prior to tanning – however as I’d been using sunbeds prior to going to prep the skin I already had some colour, so in order to save some precious baggage allowance I didn’t take it.

Collection’s BB Secrets Beauty Balm cream was picked up on a whim when it was on offer in Superdrug for £2.99 and in order for me to wear this when I’m not tanned I chose the colour light. I’m a bit disappointed that these BB creams only come in a light and medium shade and that those with darker skin aren’t able to use this.

Normally I apply this with a buffing brush as I don’t like applying product (bar primer) with my fingers to my face. I’ve found that if I use this without a primer this can last a full 6 hours without any shine coming through. However if I’m going out and need more staying power I will apply a very light layer of powder just to set the BB cream. I’ve also found that you can build the level of coverage up with this, however if you use too much product this will sit on the skin. For the sake of a few quid, this is a little gem of a product and one which I would happily recommend and its worth swatching next time you’re in Boots or Superdrug.