Apart from handbags, my main passion is comedy. There's nothing better than having a good laugh over something random either with your friends or watching someone. I try to go to comedy gigs as and when I can, however one thing which I will always do without fail (normally with Moho until her husband swiped her - I'm joking) is go to see Ross Noble when he tours and get his latest DVD at Christmas (we even queued for two hours to get his autograph). I think when it comes to comedy there's always a story to go with it - for example going to see Jimmy Carr with Steph, then realising my friend Gary is sat opposite us, to getting stuck in a massive snow storm on the way home. Or the time me and Moho getting lost in Billingham when we got to see a warm up gig for Mr Noble.

Sometimes as well the best comedy gigs can take place in larger venues - Peter Kay at the Metro Arena (we won't mention Paddy McGuiness as that was dire). For me I normally go and see gigs with either Moho or Steph, however when talking to people at work they normally have their own in jokes as to why they go to a gig or go with certain family members. Take Jules for an example - she initially wanted Miranda Hart tickets at The O2 in London, however ordered tickets for Newcastle thinking it was for the following March (last year). Turns out the tickets are in fact for this March, just a mere two years down the line - poor Jules was wondering why the dates didn't add up. Sometimes you've just got to laugh haven't you.

* In collaboration with The O2