Well I think I must be on a bit of a roll with my monthly favourites as I'm rather impressed as its the second and there's my monthly favourites. February has been a bit of a funny old month with the house move and having to live for the first few weeks with limited make up and skin care options however since making a beauty room (post here) I've been rediscovering products like there's no tomorrow. Considering I've bought some bits and bobs from the Models Own sale, I've really been loving wearing BlooBoo - literally blu-tack nails, two coats of this is all what you need to jazz up the boringist of outfits. Even though I've moved from one village to another my lips over the last month have been a state - I don't know if its due to the central heating or I've had a reaction to something but they've been chapped and bleeding. The amount of lip balms I've gotten through is beyond a joke and I've found that the Blistex range has really helped - I'm obsessed with the scent of this Raspberry Lemonade lip balm. Literally smells of sherbet.

Biotherm is a range which I have only really dabbled in and I've finally gotten around to using my birthday present from last year off Judith. Their Biosource lotion tonique is a new product for me, and the toner I've been reaching for continuously over the last month. I don't want to go into too much detail as I've got a review on this to come. As I've gotten quite a bit of my hair chopped off I've been wearing my hair curly (normally reserved for when I wear my extensions) and the one hair spray which I'll always use is Elnett you can literally douse your hair in this and then still be able to run your fingers through it and brush out. It is quite pricey however for a good hair day its a must for me. Finally NYX Above and Beyond Full Coverage Concealer is the holy grail of all spot coverage concealers. I normally use a cotton bud to apply this to my finger and then onto my skin as the thought of cross contamination is making my skin crawl. A little goes a long way with this and I'm so glad I picked this up at IMATS last year. I believe Next stores are now starting to stock NYX so I'm hoping my local Next will stock this as I'm desperate to pick up some more bits and bobs.