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Cue two months into the house and now that I'm getting the hang of bills and food shops I can now finally see that after everything has come out my bank I still have money left for clothes. Words cannot express how happy I actually am that I can have a mini shopping spree. I'll be honest I've been avoiding the shops like the plague, avoiding reading fashion blogs as I don't need any encouragement to go shopping. However after Liverpool for FABB with Tor and a cheeky Metro Centre with Steph, both of which I managed to contain myself I'm now ready to spend some money.

Ideally I'm trying to find pieces of clothing which can be either dressed up or down depending on the occasion and as you can see its all about the spring colours. However it wouldn't be a payday wishlist post without some sort of beauty product and after trying Tor's medium/dark Gimmie Brow by Benefit, I'm definitely investing in one or the other. I was a bit wary of trying this after using Maybellines Brow Drama (worst brow product ever) however the effect speaks volume - defined brows. Each individual brow hair was picked up and I've never known my brows to look so full/thick. I won't be purchasing until I have chance to try the light/medium when I get my brows done in a few weeks.

Onto clothes now and even though I own a 1001 dresses, I really want this floral beauty from Petit Bateau - how cute. It can be dressed up with heels/tights for work (it may be sunny but its freezing) or with Converse and a denim shirt for a cheeky beer garden sesh. It is on the pricey side, however as Petit Bateau's clothing is really good quality its worth the price. I've only recently stepped foot into Topshop for the first time this year (shocking I know) and after the disappointment which was Liverpool Topshop, the Metro Centre store has some hidden gems tucked away. I may have already picked up the floral tee (last one in store in my size - boom) and I'm wanting the pastel textured crepe tunic - however I'm thinking it may be on the short size for old lanky here, so I'm hoping Topshop do a tall version of this.