Prep and Prime Transcluent Loose Finishing Powder - £20 (link) // Shy Girl Lipstick - £15 (link) // Desert Rose Blusher - £18 (link

Grab a brew and take a seat, while I tell you a story... if you're from Liverpool you will obviously be aware of the free standing MAC store in the Met Quarter. Now for myself and Tor this meant one thing - lets spend money and use our Pro Cards. I went armed with a list to stock up on foundations for friends, and had a small list for myself. Back up of Shy Girl, Prep and Prime Translucent Powder Compact and possibly a blush (or two). After waiting in the shop for a good 15-20 minutes waiting to be served to no avail, we nipped to Illamasqua and came back.

After managing to grab a sales advisor, I started asking her for the items which was on my list, to which she replied "Do I want many things as she won't be able to carry them", to be honest I wasn't expecting to be spoken to like that and as she caught me off guard my mouth went before I could think about my answer and she was told that lo and behold I also have hands so I can carry products. Not getting off on the best of starts here. I managed to get all the foundations, and starting going through with what I wanted - now I asked her for the Prep and Prime compact and corrected her each time she was saying loose powder. Now as far as I was aware she'd picked up the correct powder. Oh no, she'd picked up the loose one - now stupid me should have checked in store, however as I was that livid I just paid and went. Tor managed to get her back of items thrown at her after she'd paid. Really not a good experience - what was annoying was the fact that sales advisers were walking about either talking to one another or filling in face charts, instead of serving their customers.

After calling Mac customer services to complain, I managed to speak to a lovely lady called Tracy who I explained the situation to, told her about our experience in the store and asked about swapping the unopened loose powder to a compact. I was told this wouldn't be a problem, and due to the fact that the powder compact is out of stock and not due in for the next few weeks, I've been told to use the loose powder and a replacement will be sent out as soon as it arrives in stock. Talk about excellent customer service. It just shows you that sometimes a bad experience with a brand can leave a sour taste in your mouth, however Tracy just shows how MAC goes above and beyond with their customer care, shame that the staff in the Liverpool store weren't like that. 

Oh and before I forget I'll do separate reviews on the products.

Update - Tracy did live up to her promise, and on Thursday I received the compact in the post - good effort MAC.