Models Own Beth's Blue - £5 

As its Easter Sunday and I'm sat making any excuse not to work on any of my assignments I thought I would write a blog post, however it may have something to do with the fact that I've already ate an Easter egg and I'm a bit hyper off the sugar and gallons of coffee I've been drinking. Anyway back to the point of the post - as today kinda marks (for me) the start of spring and beer garden sessions I would grace my nails with one of my all time favorite nail polishes - Models Own Beth's Blue.

I think this may have been one of the first Models Own polishes I've actually bought and I know its one which when I eventually run out of I would repurchase, just to have in my collection. As far as Models Own polishes go this has to be the polish which has the thickest consistency - one coat and you're done. I have to admit that even though the consistency is so thick, drying time isn't as long as you would expect. Personally I find that this is a brilliant colour for both hands and feet and works with either tanned or untanned skin. Universally appealing colour or what. Again with all Models Own polishes this lasts near enough a good week before having to remove. The only downside is I would advise to wear this without a topcoat, as for some reason I always find topcoats dull the actual colour down. If you can recommend a good topcoat let me know in the comments below.