NYX Cosmetics UK
PB03 Angel - £6 and XLC10 Natural - £7

Good news for those living in the North East - we can finally get our hands on NYX in Next at Team Valley. The stand itself lacks samples and the range is very limited - however I'm happy as I was only after one thing - their blushes. Initially I did want a good swatching session however as some old woman was practically sitting on my back while I was looking through the blushes I ended up picking Angel which on natural skin is the lightest pink, yet on tanned skin I would say is more of a highlighter. Ideally I wanted this for work as both Accessorise beauty and Vivo cosmetics seem to be discontinued in my local Superdrug and Tesco, however £6 for 0.14oz of product is verging on the expensive side. However my excuse was I needed a treat... don't argue with me ok.

I remember reading many reviews about their lip butters and on a whim decided to pick up one of their Xtreme Shine Lip Creams thinking they were lip glosess when in fact they're a liquid lipstick - think Rimmel Apocalips. Out of everything in the stand (apart from their jumbo pencils) this was the range which there was was loads to choose from. I was tempted to pick up some brighter colours, however for my first go into liquid lipsticks I thought I better stick to what I know - nude/pinky lip colours. I haven't had chance to use this yet as I've been suffering from chapped lips (again) however it reminds me of one of my Mac lipsticks - I'm leaning towards either Hue or Shy Girl (maybe more Shy Girl) - I'll report back to you on that though. If you're up at Team Valley - definately check this stand out (its next to the till in the women's section).