Vest - Topshop // Trousers - F+F

Sometimes in life all what you need is a pair of snazzy pants and everything else seems irrelevant. This is part of the outfit which I wore for Afternoon Tea (check me out) for Samantha Mumba-Zumba's birthday bash. Obviously walking through Durham on a Saturday afternoon wearing something which would normally be reserved for the night was completely out the equation, so I needed something which would be dressy enough for the afternoon, yet still looked decent for the night. 

I'd initially bought some very similar high waisted trousers from River Island for £35 for wear, however Shawna had spied these in Tesco for a mere £16. Believe it or not the Tesco trousers are better quality and more flattering than the River Island ones, for less than half the price. As I wanted the trousers to be the main focus on my outfit, I teamed them with my white cami and white blazer from Topshop. Add in the leopard print heels and jobs a good un.

Sorry about the shitty mirror selfie - really need to invest in a tripod.