Ashish for Topshop

As much as I try not to be sucked into designer x brand collaborations I do love Ashish for Topshop collections. A quick internet browse the other day while I was on my lunch had me on Vogue and then I spied that this Thursday the new Ashish collection hits Topshop instore and online. Now as I'm trying to save some money, I was initially not going to buy anything, until I saw the slogan tees and then I decided that I need the first one. I have been admiring Ashish's sequin sweatshirts, however those prices are way out of my league, so the Topshop collection will have to do for me.

Being far too tall for my own good, I really struggle to find long enough/oversized tees and these appear to fit the bill. For £40 each I don't think they'd break the bank and you know that with them being limited edition not many people are going to be wearing them (plus I'll get student discount) - I'm just making up excuses now to convince myself here aren't I?? You know what's going to happen as well - as soon as it hits the store its going to sell out. Yeah I'm defiantly buying a slogan tee, and for spending money you can write on my tee "I want to stove your head in".