Lets just take a minute and sit back and enjoy this nail polish, look at it in all of its red shiny glory. Pretty, I kid you not. As a massive fan of Barry M gelly polishes, no shade can do no wrong in my eyes. However Passion Fruit has raised the bar for future comparisons. Honestly, I can't fault this polish (well that's a lie - keep reading) and in the above pictures, guess how many coats that is? Just the one - yes one. Believe it or not every time I've worn this polish since buying it, I've only worn the one coat. 

Tip wear hasn't been too bad with it, however this may be due to the fact that I have been wearing it while I've been off work, so using a keyboard has been limited. I only have one hunch with this, and this is the same for all red and dark nail polishes there's transfer on white surfaces. I've currently found this on the wall in my spare room (no idea how it got there), and it was all over my resourcing and talent management exam paper.. surely I should get a couple of extra marks for that colour.