Crystal Clear Skincare Reverse Moisturiser
Reverse Intensive Moisturiser- £60* Crystal Clear (link)

Since working on FABB Events, it has given me the opportunity to become familiar and aware of more and more brands, one of which is Crystal Clear. Since FABB Liverpool, I've been trying their Reverse anti-ageing serum as part of my current skincare routine. Ironically this is aimed for menopausal skin, however I've found that this is brilliant in keeping hormonal skin in check. I haven't been using this every night, as I'm well and truly in lazy mode until Uni is finished and I'll reach for this if its in close proximity to my hands.

Crystal Clear state that this moisturiser helps skin look and feel younger, smooths and firms, and brightens the skin. I 100% agree with the brightening aspect of this, as due to eating rubbish and being stressed my skin is really suffering. However if I use this on a night, the next day my skin looks like I've had a good 12 hours sleep, when in fact its more like 7 at a push. If you are a regular reader of the blog you will know how much of a fan of multi-purpose products, and Reverse can also be used as a make up primer. Personally I haven't tried it as a primer as I prefer to use actual primers rather than a moisturiser. 

Obviously the negative about this product is the price - however for £60 you do get a good 60ml of product and a little goes a long way. I only use a pea sized amount and this is more than enough to cover my face and neck, so in that respect you know this product is going to last a while. Once uni is finished and I get my life back I'll be using this more frequently, so I will post an update post to see whether this has an impact in reversing the ageing process.

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