korres mango lip butter

Doesn't it pain you to have to stick your finger in this... just look at how pretty it looks and then boom it gets ruined. If you are a regular reader of the blog you will know how much I love these little pots of goodness - I've already reviewed Quince and Pomegranate and now Mango is the next one to add to the collection. Compared to quince and pomegranate I have to admit that this is quite soft in consistency and a little goes a very long way. Colour wise it adds a tiny hint of colour to the lips, but the colour can be built up. As for scent, you can smell the mango, however its more of a plastic mango scent and it doesn't transfer onto your lips.

Personally I don't recommend these if you have chapped or cracked/dry lips as they won't do anything to make them semi-decent. However I do rave about these to everyone who speaks to me. The only thing I would suggest is applying them in front of a mirror as I have been known to have a tinted tash. The price may put some people off, however I normally buy these from Asos when there is a discount code, so normally its about £6. I'm a massive fan of the Korres skincare line, however if you have to try one item from the range it would be these. Next on the list is the Jasmine one.