A bit of a different post from me today and its a perfect opportunity to have a break from Employment Law (any excuse to get away from it). I don't know if its due to the fact that I'm coming to the end of my masters and hand on heart can say that I'm well and truly done with education at the grand old age of 29, but I've been thinking about everything which I've learnt over the last four (or is it five) years blogging. 

Don't get me wrong I still have no idea what I'm doing with my skin care routine, or how I apply make up - but what I have seen from looking at my very first post, from my first photos, to layout how the blog (and myself) have evolved through learning. The blog has given me so many opportunities from working with big brands such as Benefit, to working with amazing PR companies and agencies such as Total Media - a digital agency in London. In addition to that my confidence when speaking to people I don't know, to talking in front of large groups of people at FABB events has grown.

I think what I am trying to get at, is the fact that even though I "think" I'm done with learning as soon as my dissertation is handed in (must start writing that up), realistically is that the case? I know I will want a new challenge and its going to be learning how to use my DSLR properly and then maybe get involved with social media more, oh and design the FABB website. Is the learning curve over?? Nope far from it. 

Bit of a random post there today... however I am counting down the days where I can actually have a full weekend of blogging. Roll on 7th June haha.

*In collaboration with Total Media