Can you believe the last time I did a payday wishlist was back in March - how time flies!! Now that I literally have one week left of dissertation to do, the only way for me to celebrate (hitting the bottle comes a close second) is to shop. I've already declared my love for the Ashish x Topshop tee in Tuesdays post (here), so I won't bore you by going over the same stuff again. Normally for me the best way to get out of actually doing uni work is to sit and look at clothes online, well not just clothes, anything and everything to potentially get me out of doing work. However for the last few weeks (excluding the occasional skive on the Daily Mail site) I've actually been working.

It's only been the last year or so when I have decided that trainers are my new go to comfy shoes. They can be seen as actual day wear and not just an item of clothing for the gym. I've been through my phases of Converse and Nike Blazers and I think its time to move onto something else, and I've decided I want/need these burgundy New Balance U410 trainers. Apparently they're a bloggger favourite don't you know. We'll see though. Then there's a store I like to avoid like the plague when I'm at the Metro centre - Zara. Oh how you ruin me Zara - your basics and accessories are always on point and you ruin my bank balance. However I am OBSESSED with these printed trousers with the zips on the side and for £29.99 they're definitely not going to break the bank. They can easily be dressed up or down and I just need to have them in my life. 

I'm always the last one to jump onto the bandwagon for the latest Zara IT necklace however how stunning does this chain and stones necklace look? It can easily be dressed up or down and for £19.99 it looks far more expensive. Do I need another necklace, no, but do I need this necklace? Yes!!