Redken Color Extend Radiant-10 Multi-Benefit Treatment Spray (170ml)* - £13 HairTrade

Sometimes I wonder if excessively washing and styling my hair causes the colour to wash out quicker - I've noticed less colour coming out and I wonder if its down to Redken's Color Extend Radiant 10 Spray. Now I received about 4 weeks prior to getting my hair coloured, so I thought I would see how this works on my hair pre and post hair dye. Now the clue is in the title about how many benefits this product has - ten, including de-tanglingnourishing dry ends and reducing frizz to name three. Does the product live up to the three points I've mentioned - hell yeah. I find that if I use this from my mid sections to roots, it takes less time to detangle my hair prior to drying. I've also found that attempting to brush my hair mid blow dry is much easier.

To be honest I was sat on the fence with this when it came to wondering whether it did actually have an effect on my hair, and I was about to write a review to say how it did partly work. However as I've been hiding with my head in revision books and assignments over the last eternity (well 6 weeks, feels like a lifetime) I'd stopped using this as I was letting my hair dry naturally. That's when I realised that my hair suffers when I don't use it - my hair looks dull, quite frizzy and it resembles one large dread lock (slight over exaggeration there). I haven't seen any effects on colour prolonging as my hair colour is still intact, however this one out of the ten claims doesn't matter as smoother, frizz and tangle free hair outshines colour prolonging. I've mentioned this numerous times on here, and I'll do it again but if you are after Redken products buy online from HairTrade as its the cheapest stockist on the web, also I keep raving about the shop but if you are in the Metro Centre you can visit their store which sometimes does stock Redken and all items in store are the same as online.

*PR Sample