The majority of my favourite bath products are from Soap and Glory, and dare I mention the (C word in May) is the time of the year when I stock up for the year depending on what gift sets I can get my hands on. This years’ sales offering (let’s face it) was poor; however I did manage to pick up a set with Foam Call. Like all of Soap and Glory’s bath/shower washes this doubles up as a bubble bath, and normally comes in a pump bottle. I don’t know if they take the pump out for gift sets – but as I’ve been in the house four months now, I’m yet to use the shower (random bit of info there for you) so its baths all the way for me. So back to the pump – this would be better if there was one for the shower, but not for the bath.

Foam Call has the fruitigo fragrance which I’ve yet to try, however I’m not used to products which don’t have the usual S&G smell. The body wash, lathers up really easily and a little goes a long way. For £6.50 you get 500ml of product, and this is still going strong considering I’ve been using it since mid-February. I’ll be honest I prefer their Clean Girls body wash instead, over this and I won’t be buying this once used up. If it was part of a set I would use it, yet I wouldn’t willing go and buy it. I don’t dislike the product as it does what it says on the bottle – it cleans and it moisturisers; however I simply prefer other products from the range.

PS – I don’t use the shower because I can’t be bothered with cleaning it afterwards. Bath cleaning is so much easier.