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With the influx of gel nail polishes on the market – I thought I would share my thoughts with you on my teeny tiny collection. After taking these photos I realised I didn’t include Collection’s offering in black. As soon as Barry M released their Gelly polishes I jumped on the bandwagon and bought Papaya which I loved, the formula and shine can’t be faulted and for me these are the best gel polishes out there. Obviously the range is expanding like there is no tomorrow, and the majority of my recent nail purchases (well two out of the last three), have been Barry M.

I’d thought Models Own would have released their hypergel polishes sooner than what they did, however I’d picked up these when they were first released as part of the Models Own 50% sale. I have to admit that my first impression of these weren’t that good. I’d initially used Naked Glow (nude) and after painting one coat it took ages and I mean ages to dry. Literally one hour later and the first coat wasn’t dry and managed to peel off. The Cornflower Gleam shade is the complete opposite – the one coat dried quickly and is fully opaque. I know you shouldn’t judge a book by its cover but I’m really not keen on these polishes and won’t be repurchasing.

Collection’s black polish is normally forgotten by me as a gel formula. I don’t think this is a gel formula – it applies and looks like any normal nail polish. Top coat is a must with this polish (and it’s the only way you’ll see it shine) and it chips like no other. Normally this polish is reserved for nights out but I couldn’t tell you the last time I wore this. Lastly there’s a shade which I absolutely adore, yet I don’t want to buy any more from the range. Bourjois one second gel nail enamel in Turquoise Block – hands down the most perfect aqua nail polish ever. It looks great with a tan and if you’re sporting a monochrome outfit. No need to sport a top coat with this – and the lasting power is near enough a week before chipping.

Personally I am a fan of gel polishes however I don’t understand why you need to add a topcoat considering the formula of the polish is that of gel overlays. The only negative I think if you use these without a topcoat is that the shine only lasts a day or two, which is ideal for a night out. Are you a fan of gel polishes?