As the saying goes, diamonds are a girls best friend. For the last week at work, all what we've been talking about is diamonds. This may have something to do with Marie's 1001 pictures on her phone from a certain twitter account she followers. Anyway I realised that even though I very very rarely wear jewellery, I do own a ring very similar to the bottom left which I'm hoping is still at the parents house otherwise its been lost in the house move.

What I thought I would share with you all today, is mine, Marie and Emma's favourite diamond rings. Even though Marie is a massive fan of matching bridal sets, she really loves tennis bracelets. Emma on the other hand loves mixed stone rings, then you've got me who likes anything plain and simple. Even though I'm not one for flashy pieces of jewellery I would happily wear diamonds until my hearts content. A beautiful piece of jewellery can make the simplest of outfits instantly chic and can last a lifetime. Have you got any favourite pieces of jewellery??

In collaboration with Anjolee