Essie Maximillian Strasse-Her - £2.99 Making Faces.

Say hello to the colour of one of my living room walls – Essie’s Maximillian Strasse-Her. I’ve been after this polish for ages and once spotted the last one in Making Faces in Durham (haul post here) and quickly snapped it up. I’m assuming this is an American import, as they brush/packing is the old style format – however for £2.99 I’m not complaining.

I’m obsessed at the moment with trying to find the perfect duck egg blue/grey/neutral colour for my living room walls and is it wrong that I want to get a tester of this colour mixed up? I always find with Essie blue’s (Bikini So Teeny I’m on about you) that in the bottle they look like they would only take one coat, however they take at least a good 2-3 coats before being semi-opaque. Maximillian Strasse-Her on the other hand only takes one coat to be fully opaque – the swatches above are two (force of habit) and normally I would pair this with a top coat.

As this is my go to nail polish I’m finding that this is lasting a good 3-4 days without any tip wear, however when I wore this the other Friday night out, for some reason it didn’t last the night without some chipping. I don’t know if it’s just me but why does polishes never last on nights out – what happens when I have a drink?? Answers on a postcard…