Considering I'm supposed to be saving my money for IMATS - this happened. I can't even blame uni for it. I'd been informed that a new make up shop (Making Faces) had opened in the old Triple S store in Durham (down from the post office) and in the name of research obviously last Wednesday lunch time me and Marie may have found ourselves in there.

The store itself is full of beauty goodies from all the high and low end brands and I managed to restrain myself and buy a few items. All these came to £10.95 which is amazing value, however the bargain has to be the Essie polish in Maximillian Strasse-her - why... cause that's the colour I want my living room wall. First world beauty blogger problems.

Edit - it might have helped if I bothered to put the prices on - Revlon Photoready Blush (£2.99), Saffron polish (99p), Essie (£2.99), Rimmel (£1.99), Baby Lips (£1.99).