Want to know a little secret... I can't run. Yes you read right, I can't run. My excuse not to go on the treadmill at the gym is that my strides are far too long/wide for it (which is the truth). However now that uni is a distant memory, I need to focus my attention onto learning something new and that is to be able to run 5k. I'm currently using the C25K Free app on my iPod and so far week one is over and done with. Don't get me wrong I am finding aspects of this hard which is due to the long period I had bronchitis earlier in the year so for two of the three workouts I've had to have a quick sit down half way to recover. So far so good and I am enjoying it.

However what I have found is that I need some snazzy/offensive yet comfortable footwear and I've picked up these Rocheruns to help me run (a similar pair can be found here) , however as you can see I don't want to get them dirty (girl problems) so I've been wearing an old pair of Nike's. I think from what I can gather when it comes to running, the comfier the trainer the better. I've also found that fast up tempo music really helps to keep me running as well as setting mini targets (ie get past a bench or a tree before I walk). Lets see how long I keep this up for and if you have any hints and tips on how to run better (or apps) let me know in the comments below.