I've got another one of these in draft - been far too lazy with uni and not posting these posts. Anyway like a plaster, lets quickly rip this off and get it over and done with. Hate being out of sync with my schedule. Right lets go...

Pearl Drops Pro-White Toothpaste* - included this as they kindly sponsored FABB Manchester. I'll be honest I started using this when I moved house, and I don't know whether its the toothpaste, or the change in water or the combination of the two, but my teeth have never felt super clean after using this. Nor did I see any change in the colour of my teeth. I won't be repurchasing.

Sure Deodorant - keeps you smelling nice, what more is there to say? I would repurchase this again.

L'oreal Micellar Water - I've already reviewed (link), however even though I do like it and would have no problems buying again, at the moment for a drugstore micellar water, I think I would rather buy the Garnier version.

Girlz Only Dry Shampoo* - I'd never heard of this brand, until FABB Glasgow and I have to admit that I'm really glad I've found a budget dry shampoo which works. I've got a review of this in draft coming in the next few weeks, and I would repurchase however it always seems to be sold out in my local Tesco.

Batiste Cherry Dry Shampoo - yet another dry shampoo for you (can you tell it was a lazy month). Again it does the job, however I'm not keen on the cherry scent. However I would repurchase.

Cotton Wool - a standard feature in here. Cotton wool, is cotton wool.

Derma V10 Tea Tree Facial Wipes* - I found out at FABB Liverpool that these have been discontinued in the range, which I am gutted about. These are kept in my gym back for pre and post work out, and have been a staple. I would repurchase but I can't get my hands on them anywhere.

Benefit Moisturiser Samples - I love Benefit skin care and have been getting through my stash of these. Normally one of these contains a good 3-4 full face applications, I really do want to buy a full size version of this, however I don't know if I can justify the £27 price. I may have to buy it from Asos before I loose my student discount in September.

Kiehl's Creamy Eye Treatment - The one product I am gutted about getting to the end of, I've raved about this so many times on here and I'm yet to repurchase as I'm currently using the Benefit eye cream. Don't worry as soon as that's used up I'll be repurchasing straight away. Review can be found here.

Fig and Rouge Lip Balm - horrible horrible product - wouldn't repurchase or recommend. Very greasy, hard to open the tin and doesn't smell at all like vanilla. Would not recommend.

Mascaras - a random Collection mascara which I've had for ages and then Maybelline's One by One. Both of which did their job, however I'm not struck on them. If I had to use them again, they wouldn't be an issue, yet they don't wow me in the slightest. At this moment in time I wouldn't repurchase.

2014 Total - 48

* FABB Events Sponsor