I'm afraid its negative Nancy on here today, as much as I try to turn negative reviews into something positive (i.e what doesn't work on me, might work on you) I really hate this Soap and Glory Scrub and wouldn't for love nor money recommend it. If you are a regular reader of the blog, you will know that I love anything Soap and Glory, however it takes some time for things which don't have the familiar S&G scent to worm its way into my affections.

Initially this came with one of the sets I bought in the sales, however I've been using it since February, trying to love it, however I just can't. I think what the major flaw of this is the scrub is literally like slop. No other way to describe it other than slop. It sits on the skin and the little beads don't exfoliate, nor explode, so you're sat with what looks like poppy seeds all over the place. Not a good look. I also find that it leave my skin feeling greasy/scummy and I can't be doing with that. If you're looking for a S&G scrub I'd recommend The Breakfast Scrub (review here) or The Scrub of Your Life as they are both amazing!!