As the saying (in my head) goes – everything is better with a tan, any excuse to get that week in the sun look with minimal time and effort is a winner in my book. If you are a regular reader of the blog you will know that I prefer to use darker than dark tanning mousse over normal formulas. One thing I don’t like about the whole tanning routine is the multiple layering especially on your legs, so for a Saturday night, leg tanning starts on a Thursday night.

St Tropez’s Darker than Dark mousse, as the name suggests is a dark bronzing mousse which I would say equates to two coats of the normal tan. Normally I use one coat of this on the top half of my body and then depending on how my legs go, I will either use one coat of this by itself or one coat and then one coat of the normal mousse. What sets this apart from other darker than dark tanning products is the fact that the guide colour is very dark, which is ideal when you’re applying it. What I find with all St Tropez products is that if you go over an area more than one the colour isn’t affected.

The photos above are of one coat; however it looks much darker than normal due to the fact that I haven’t tanned in well over a month. I always find that if I’m tanning onto clear skin (as opposed to tanned skin) sometimes the tan doesn’t always take to my legs – hence the two coats. For some strange reason for the wedding it took to my legs straight away, but for a normal night out I would use normal St Tropez one layer and then a coat of the darker than dark. That is purely for my legs though – this would look way too OTT on my upper body.

Normally the St Tropez Darker than Dark mousse lasts a good 4-5 days before the obvious fading patches (hands, elbows), and then this can easily be removed through normal exfoliation. As with all fake tans this does have the biscuit smell, however I’m not fussed by this scent and once the tan has developed the scent goes when washed off. Personally I would put this on, allow it to dry and then sleep in it for it to fully develop. However if I am in a rush I would leave this for 4-5 hours. Now for the price – HairTrade stocks this and the rest of the St Tropez range for the cheapest price I’ve been able to find on the internet. I’m definitely going to be repurchasing this, however they need to rebrand it as the lazy girls tan.