Maybelline Baby Lips - £1.99 Making Faces

If you follow me on social media, you will know my thoughts on Maybellines Baby Lips – you can read the original review here, however in a nutshell I hated it and called it the most over hyped product ever. However you will have seen in my haul on Monday that I may have gotten carried away with the bargains in Making Faces. As I was paying I noticed a little tub of Baby Lips and instead of learning from my first (and supposed to be last) encounter, I picked one up.
The reason why this was only £1.99 was because its a Japanese import, however that aside I think the reason why I picked this up is purely because it reminded me of chapstick. I didn't even pay attention to what flavour the balm was, and its apparently cherry, however the scent reminds me of cotton candy. Now I'm actually quite surprised that I'm going to admit this (and it's not going to change my opinion on the UK versions) but I bloody well love this version. It's hydrating on the lips, smells/tastes lush and doesn't feel like I've smeared grease all over my lips. Plus for less than £2 it's worth the money. 
As you can see from the pictures, it looks like a normal lip balm, and I'm assuming that the reason I hate the UK version is due to the formula. Will I repurchase another one of these from Making Faces... YES. Have any of you had a similar experience with Baby Lips, if so let me know in the comments - I hope I'm not the only one.